CoinShares Launches With Most Diverse Group of Investment Products in Crypto Finance

Oct 5, 2017


It’s been a big year for bitcoin and crypto. Bitcoin has made massive gains YTD as an asset; and faced some very chilling moments. Ethereum continues to make headway, and as a platform, really found its stride as the de-facto launching point for ICOs/token issuances. Other altcoins are maturing and teaching us a thing or two about the next wave of crypto-assets.

Our view on 2017 to date – we think this movement may just be hitting ‘escape velocity’ and much faster than we thought. 

As a group, we just celebrated the 3 year anniversary of GABI – the world’s first regulated Bitcoin Fund; the two year anniversary of the world’s first bitcoin ETNs (issued by one of our companies: XBT Provider AB); and the launch of CoinShares Fund 1, the first ether-denominated fund built to invest in ERC20 tokens.

Now, we are finally ready to unveil the next step in our journey: CoinShares. What iShares and SPDR have become to the traditional asset world, CoinShares will deliver to the crypto-asset space.

As a group, we’ve demonstrated an intense focus on delivering professional-grade access to the crypto-revolution for investors of all classes; CoinShares allows us to continue this effort as one family of products.

At the 3 year anniversary party for the bitcoin fund on Sept. 14 – we quietly unveiled the new brand to a handful of friends and investors in a Mayfair reception, the furthest thing from our first bitcoin meetup in a dark basement somewhere in Shoreditch. Yet somehow, we think that shift appropriate as we kick off this next chapter in crypto-finance


3 Years after we launched into the bitcoin world via GABI, ignoring the sideways glances and board-room chuckles; we are excited to bring you crypto-finance’s first multi-strategy family of investment products.

Welcome to the new site. Get the fact sheet here. And if you really want to be ahead of the curve – check out our first piece of research out of CoinShares Research below.

For now – buckle up, we’ve got an exciting road map. 

The CoinShares Team

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